The Washburn Foundation – Building a Better Public Library for East Bridgewater

The East Bridgewater Public Library is among the most important and valuable assets in our town. It has well over 7000 patrons and offers a multitude of programing for all ages from kindergarten aged children to senior citizens. It offers services for free that cannot be obtained anywhere else in town. First built from a donation from Cyrus Washburn in 1896, and expanded in 1978, the library represents the historic past of East Bridgewater and is a gateway to the future for its patrons. Nevertheless, it is woefully outdated and spatially inadequate to meet the demand for its resources and services.

In 2013, the Library Board of Trustees adopted as part of their Strategic Plan to explore the specific needs for the Library in order to better pursue its vision: To be the complete civic, educational, cultural and recreational resource for each citizen of East Bridgewater. The Trustees have formed a Building Needs Committee, which worked diligently over two years to specify what is necessary to pursue this vision through the next several decades. With help from a generous Planning and Design Grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners it produced a plan for renovation that will be put forth to the MBLC and the people of the Town to approve. A the December 2016 Special Town Meeting the the citizens of East Bridgewater voted to  approve the plan and to apply for a  grant from the MBLC. This grant could could bring upwards of 6 million dollars to East Bridgewater for the construction project.

The Washburn Foundation wa formed so that donations or gifts can be properly made toward accomplishing this project.